December 6, 2022

If you see error code 771, your dish is not communicating with the satellite. Find out what can be fixed.

  • TV: take your time, click “List” to access the DVR recorder.
  • Tablet, possibly computer: go to and select “Watch Online”.
  • Phone. Download the DIRECTV From app from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®. After logging in, save the possibility of consultation by phone.
  • On Demand: Access to a channel with thousands of free titles or Channel 1100 with all the latest movie releases in DIRECTV CINEMA.
  • Why do I get DIRECTV error code 771 when the weather is bad?

    Storms can interrupt the signal between them and satellites. If you are currently experiencing heavy rain, rain, or snow, wait for this to pass to see if this resolves the issue. While you are waiting, someoneYou can watch your favorite show or entertainment program on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

    What is this low resolution option for DIRECTV with error code 771?

    If you experience unwanted high definition (HD) signal interruption, select In Sit Back and Watch Low Res to watch your program in standard definition. When the HD screen appears, press the back button on the current remote or go back to each HD channel in the preview.

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    How to fix DirecTV error code 771 like an expert?

    What does a direct TV error code 771 mean?

    Learn how to fix DIRECTV error with output 771. If you see HTML error code 771, it means that your DIRECTV receiver may be having trouble communicating with the satellite TV on your PC dish. Watch this video to find out how to fix this error. Check your satellite (or SAT IN) input cable, making sure all connections between your current receiver and the wall outlet are secure.

    What is DirecTV error code 771?

    FIX: Fout 771 Direct TV
    CORRECTIF : Erreur 771 Direct TV
    CORREÇÃO: Erro 771 Direct TV
    FIX: Fehler 771 Direct TV
    FIX: Errore 771 Direct TV
    SOLUCIÓN: Error 771 Direct TV
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: ошибка 771 Прямое телевидение
    ÅTGÄRD: Fel 771 Direct TV
    NAPRAW: Błąd 771 Direct TV
    수정: 오류 771 다이렉트 TV