September 28, 2022

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In Windows 98, Printing Directly From A DOS Application

We have an old vendor program written to do things, but we’re running the tutorial in a DOS box here on Windows 98 (computer B). Previously, our HP4100 printer was connected to both computers (A and B) using Belkin’s helpful automatic parallel switch, which worked, but we had a lot of data loss due to the long parallel cable to computer (B). I have since installed business cards on both computers (A and B) and on a simple hub. Currently, when we print from our DOS program to the DOS screen under Windows 98 (computer B), the print job is not sent until we finally close the program. HP technology. Support no longer has options with. Note. The printer is manually connected to (computer A) and transferred. (Computer B) uses the insert to print to (Computer A). Both drivers are installedUpdated on computers.

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